Become the most productive person you know

“Focus on being productive instead of busy” – Tim Ferriss


If you want to achieve the highest possible, you have to work hard. And by working hard, I mean really hard. However, working in an effective way allows you to be productive and will make you getting most out of your time. You can do more work in fewer hours. Some simple tips helped me throughout the years to get things done in a more productive manner. And as a result, I took back control over my time and had more time to do side activities.  As the feeling of fulfillment after a productive day is amazing, I am more than happy to share my tips below.


To make sure that we are on the same page, I would describe productive as follows: doing what you need to do, in order to getting done what needs to be done. And what needs to be done depends on goals you want to achieve in the short- and long term. Below you can find 4 meaningful tips that can make your life more productive and get the most out of your day.


1. Make a daily to-do list

It sounds as easy as it is. By making a daily to do list you have a better overview what needs to be done and you can track your progress. Some people argue that a to-do list should contain up to a maximum of five tasks, while others have a different opinion. Yet, I conduct my to-do list based on the so called 1-3-5 rule. This means that my daily to-do list exists of 1 big task, 3 medium and 5 little ones. This does not mean that you have to start with the big thing, go to the medium ones and then the littlest, but you can also use it to do the small things for example in between. One last thing that is really important about a daily to-do list: keep it simple and write it down the night before.


2. Plan your tasks

Planning your tasks means that you schedule them for the next day. This does not directly mean that you prioritize them solely on importance and start with the most important one. You can also consider your energy level throughout the day and take this into account while scheduling your tasks. So, there are more variables that you can take into consideration whilst planning your tasks. By doing so, you can work on your hardest tasks when you are at your best and be more productive.


3. Never procrastinate

Procrastination is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. By procrastinate your tasks because you do not feel like it, you give yourself a reason to do procrastinate. This might result in a habit that every single time when you do not feel like doing a task you will start to procrastinate. This will mess up your schedule, your to-do list and hence your productivity. Procrastination can be seen as a weakness. Once you set yourself a daily goal you should have achieved it by the end of the day, no matter what. You should be motivated to get your to-do list done and otherwise you should be disappointed when you have not met your goals. Find some tips about motivation in my previous blog!

4. Build in routine

In this light, routine can be seen as something that enables you to be productive over a longer period. By working in a productive way and a consistent manner allows you to fulfill your tasks with less effort and build in a routine. It is helpful to continue with your to-do list and planning these tasks in the weekends. Obviously, the tasks can be different compared to normal weekdays, but it forces you to stick to a daily to-do list and get more out of your weekend. Many successful people have been building routines in their life which help them to be, and to stay, successful. Life will get better for those who are able to build successful routines in their life.


Please share your tips to stay productive as well below in the comments!

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