The power of influence

“The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.” – Ken Blanchard

Every person on earth has its own beliefs and thoughts. These beliefs and thoughts form a major part of the basis of someone’s behavior. Hence, if you are able to influence one of both, you might be able to change someone’s behavior as well. Being persuasive can be useful in numerous of situations in your daily life. Developing this skill will be helpful as it can help you in pursuing your goals and to obtain an easier life.

Influencing others might sound negative, while this article focuses on the positive side of influencing. There are several benefits of knowing some tricks to influence as: being able to ask for cooperation, improve your sales, understanding when these tricks are applied on you and convincing others. There are three helpful tips given in the following paragraphs that will help you to become persuasive and allowing you to influence others.

  1. Mirroring

Mirroring is one of the easiest way to influence the other. Mirroring means that you are going to copy someone else’s behavior and movements. As people tend to like other’s who are equally the same, it is often the case that mimic someone movements helps to make someone more to like you. And, if someone like you there are easier to influence.

Movements that can be copied are leaning, arm movements or head movements. Be aware that you should not copy the movements immediately. Leave a certain delay in the movements so the other will not notice you are mirroring. The delay depends on the circumstances, but ideally it should be around 3-5 seconds.

  1. Use decoy

Using a decoy option is specifically effective in a sales environment, but can also be used in other situations. This strategy is based on the principle where providing a third option which is (almost) similar to one of the other two options, you can influence someone’s decision.

Take the following example: you want to have an ice cream and there are two options:  2 scoops for $2 or 4 scoops for $3. This might be a hard deal as you are considering if the $1 extra is worth 2 extra scoops. If you are presented with a third option, which is 3 scoops for $2.90, the $3 ice cream for 4 scoops might be more preferred since it looks as a better deal than the 3 scoops for $2.90. Hence, from all three options the $3 ice cream seems as the best deal, which is a consequence of adding the $2.90 deal for 3 scoops.

  1. Emphasize what is in for the other person

Often, the most important person in someone’s life is the person itself. That might make it valuable to show someone what is in for him or her. By focusing on others you show that you are also thinking from their point of view and that the result will beneficial for both parties. This will give them a feeling that it becomes a win-win situation in which they are more likely to cooperate with you and agree with your thoughts.

Never forget that different situations ask for different approaches. There are many more ways of influencing someone else and the three I mentioned are just some of them. Try to practice and see if they work for you. The more experience and feeling you have, the better they will work. Perhaps you will find others who work better for you so you will be a master in influencing others!

Don’t forget to share your tips on this topic so we all can learn from you!

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